Association of Computer, Communication and Education for National
Triumph Social and Welfare Society

  • To coordinate activities for researchers.
  • To encourage the young talents for advance research in various fields.
  • To promote new ideas which are helpful for humanities.
  • To organize conferences to provide venues for the exchange of information and ideas among the engineers and scientists.
  • To publish peer-reviewed research journals.
  • To establishes various training centers so as to enhance the education level with modern technology and plan to provide free training for commercially weak people.
  • To provide various scholarship to researchers for their research work.
  • To provide financial support to the people from various rural areas, meritorious students and physically handicapped students for getting education.
  • To arrange awareness program in the rural areas so that they must know the various government facilities for their advancement.
  • To arrange awareness programs for promoting education of girls in rural and remote areas.
  • To arrange prize ceremony programs to promote meritorious students.